Diet & Nutrition CPD Accredited Online Course

Diet & Nutrition CPD Accredited Online Course

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Are you diet consciousness? They say YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!


This course ensures delegates to gain an understanding of how nutrition has a direct connection with health and well-being.

The course also helps to find resources on nutrition keep you attentive to what, when, why and how much you consume the food. As well as, help manage health conditions such as diabetes, obesity and others.

Course includes:

  • Online self-paced training
  • Visual multimedia demonstrations
  • Instructor oriented learning
  • Certificate upon completion


Anyone can take up this course upon interest in anytime you want, anywhere you want, all you need is a smart phone/tablet/computer connected to the internet.

Upon completion, you will have a test with multiple choice questions and there is no limit on the number of attempts.

Course outcomes:

  • Diet consciousness
  • Understanding your body metabolism
  • Ability to advise on Diet & Nutrition


Akanksha B: Simple understandable course content, I enjoyed learning in general.